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Straightforward Advice About Altlanta Braves

Do you know your Atlanta Braves history? You may find a few of these historical tidbits of information quite interesting about this professional baseball team that was founded in 1871. Originally known as the Cincinnati Red Stockings in 1869, they were the first baseball team to be recognised as professionals but dissolved the team when the 1870 season ended. The team name was modified to the Boston Red Stockings and they became charter members of the National Association of Professional Baseball Players. During these early years, the Red Stockings won four of the five league championships and in 1876, was regarded as one of the charter franchises in the National League.

Affectionately known as the Red Caps until around 1883 when people started to mention them as the Beaneaters. In 1912, they became known as the Braves and in 1914, took themselves all the right way to the World Series. These they played at Fenway Park because their home field at that time, which was the South End Grounds, was not large enough to keep the crowd. Although the name Babe Ruth is one noted for many accomplishments in baseball, when he joined the computer in 1935, his playing in the ground was so bad that a number of the team's pitchers threatened to go on strike if Ruth was placed in the lineup. Ruth decided to retire on June 1, a day in baseball history remembered very well since Ruth scored three home runs; the last of his career. Okay, in case you would like more ideas pertaining to altlanta braves, come to complete article.

The team's tenure in Atlanta is famous for Hank Aaron breaking Babe Ruth's career home run record in 1974, though the majority of Aaron's home runs were hit while the equipment was in Milwaukee. His record stood until 2007, when San Francisco left fielder Barry Bonds broke the record.

Current Altlanta Braves News:

Boston washed their hands of the computer after the 1948 World Series where the Braves lost to the Indians in six games. In 1953, their new home became Milwaukee, where they would remain until 1965. The Braves were well received in Milwaukee and set a National League record for having 1.8 million fans in attention for their season finisher game where they scored 92-62. In 1966, the final move for the Braves was to Atlanta. Just three years later, they won their first National League Championship Series. All total, they have one 3 World Series, 17 National League Pennants, 4 National Association Pennants, 5 West Division titles, and 11 East Division titles. Sporting the colors navy, red and white, the Braves continue to be a force to be reckoned with.

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